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Why Buy Certified Pre-owned From Us?

Get the Pre-Owned Harley-Davidson of Your Dreams. We'll Guarantee it!

Harley-Davidson of Nassau County's Certified Pre-Owned Program

Our factory-trained technicians perform a 39-point inspection on every pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle we sell, and you get a FREE one-year Powertrain Guarantee on select motorcycles.


Tires: Condition, tread depth, wear and weathering. Wheels: Damage, loose or missing spokes. Wheel Bearings: Excessive play or grinding when the wheel is spinning. Brakes: Check pad for wear (replace if necessary); Check calipers and hoses for leaks; Rotors above manufacturer's minimum thickness; Check pedal for proper operation. Forks: Check for leaking seals, excessive play or binding; Check head bearing. Clutch: Operates smoothly and is good condition. Controls: All controls, turn signals and cruise control function as intended and designed. Radio/Electronics: Radio, speakers, GPS, gauges, dials and buttons function as intended and designed. Fuel Tank: Visually inspect for damage. Engine/Drive: Check for leaks and seepage after vehicle is warmed up and when sitting; Check belt/chain damage, lubrication and adjustment. Shocks: Check for smooth travel, inspect for leaks (replace if necessary). Saddlebags: Check latch operation and fasteners. Routine Maintenance: Oil/filter clean, air filter clean, tire pressure and fluids. Road Test: Start and idle; Operation, performance and acceleration; Transmission shifting; Steering and alignment; Speedometer and odometer; Cruise control if applicable. Functional: Mirrors, lights, turn signals, horn, charging system, brakes, fuel system, belts and hoses, suspension and steering.

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